Summerville Storm

Summerville Storm   White-laden palms Fronds almost breaking With the weight of the fresh fallen snow   There is a silent madness of arctic air Flakes swirling, dancing, diving fast From a sky ominous and mysterious   Neighbors captured for hours Burrowed within Southern homes No fireplaces, no plows, no snowmobiles   Nothing to prepare … More Summerville Storm

Safe Harbor

A sea of faces The ebb and flow had set Before I entered the room   The drops of rain Falling on the windows Echoed the flow of tears In my weary soul   Quietly navigating Walking without direction Yet with purposeful eye Listening for God’s guidance   Where should I go? Will they like … More Safe Harbor

My Somewhere

Everybody comes from somewhere My somewhere is a place where vowels are long Consonants are dropped And kindness and humor part of the local dialect   My somewhere is a place where people are real But hair color is not Pets are family And money is only as good as your reputation to share if … More My Somewhere


From an eternal source The spring fed waters of joy Flow into the spaces of our hearts Filling every corner of our being. We cannot see the source from whence they come. Some of us have tried to dam up the spring. The pain of the drying of the lake Forces us to wonder And … More Happiness

Joy to the World!

Jupiter Pulsing heat and passion, my huge masculine energy dwarfs all other planets near. I am confidence. I direct the dance of the moons. My harem of planetary wives draw near. Callisto, Ganymede, Io, Europa—my partners until the Sun shines no more. Venus             Drawing you in with my shy crescent figure, intoxicating with my … More Joy to the World!