Maundy Thursday

This day has always been

My favorite day of the Christian year

Because it’s real. It’s where we reside.

Not in the sappy, syrupy Easter happy

Not in the tragic devastation of the cross

But in the decision


The decision to get up and try again

The decision to put our lives in God’s hands

The decision to keep going no matter what the cost

The decision to give our all


Peace, comfort, and beauty come from unexpected places

And in those moments we want to hold on forever

And our heart does hold on

Our heart knows love when we find it

And we must trust that it will continue


Jesus, too, asked for mercy

“Take this cup from me”

And I pray for mercy each day, patience, courage, wisdom

And amazing grace

The kind that allows me to reside in the knowledge

That God will resurrect my weary soul

The kind that gives me strength to pray

“Not my will but thine”


I do not know where I am going

I do not know when resurrection will come

I only know this

That which I love and will miss from this place

Remains with me and I remain at heart with it

I know it will miss me too


A piece of my soul I leave here

In hopes that I may one day retrieve it

Rejoining with that which makes me whole

Celebrating the resurrecting power of God

While living a life of surrender and gratitude

That I am able to serve and grow at all

True love never dies—and I have truly loved

And every day God nurtures in me the faith I need

To continue loving and drink the cup I have been given

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