My Somewhere

Everybody comes from somewhere

My somewhere is a place where vowels are long

Consonants are dropped

And kindness and humor part of the local dialect


My somewhere is a place where people are real

But hair color is not

Pets are family

And money is only as good as your reputation to share if needed


My somewhere is a place where trees are plentiful

Water is teeming with life

The clouds usually look like cotton balls

And birds, bugs, and critters are always around every corner


My somewhere is a place where everyone knows your name

Knows your family

Knows your story

And are quick to share their stories too


My somewhere is a place that is both common and uncommon

Easily seen but not as easily understood

Hard to break into for those who are new

And always ready to welcome home those who have been gone too long


With a broken heart and clipped wings

I had left my somewhere

And traded its dialect, culture, and customs

For the larger world’s experience and wisdom


No longer hearing my name in soft-spoken tones

I settled for the more exotic accents of those from foreign lands

Intrigued with their beauty and enamored by their story

I mingled their tales with my own


I offered myself first begrudgingly then willingly

I surrendered to the lessons and the love

I grew in learning, standing, and wisdom

My clipped wings opened and prepared to fly


And as I soared over country and kin both near and far

A call came unexpectedly from my somewhere

Calling me home

Whispering my name in the language of my heart


Taking one more circle around the larger lands

With appreciation for the beauty of the view

I flew home

Back to the nest from which I was born


Back in my somewhere I see its richness and beauty anew

But best of all

I feel the connection that is beyond description

When someone who genuinely loves me correctly and caringly speaks my name


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