From an eternal source

The spring fed waters of joy

Flow into the spaces of our hearts

Filling every corner of our being.

We cannot see the source from whence they come.

Some of us have tried to dam up the spring.

The pain of the drying of the lake

Forces us to wonder

And cry


And then

Just as we think

The water of joy has gone

We move the rock of sorrow

We have placed on the top of the source.

The water is not gone.

It never leaves.

It only ebbs.

And flows.

The pool can be filled

The depth we open ourselves

The work of opening up the pool

We choose every day

Every moment

Every hour


Is the shimmering

Life giving flow of joy

Seen as the top of the pool

As the pool grows

Other souls needing its water

Are drawn to its life-giving beauty

But they cannot steal the joy

Delving their cups into our pond

They seek to take what is not theirs to own.

The water in their cup becomes stale

And they grow bitter from thirst

Their own soul is withering

They do not understand

There is no other way

No other source of happiness

But to open ourselves and let joy flow

Our happiness can spill over into the desert

Creating life giving flows for all those around

If only they will open themselves to the Divine

Not through stolen moments held in cups

That turn stale with the passing days

Others swimming in our pond

Enjoying our happiness

Is only for a moment

Opening their own hearts

They can move the stones of sorrow

In their own ponds

This is the secret

So long ignored by those

Who have made a practice

Of seeking out the joy

In places outside


Open your heart

Feel the flow of joy unending

Experience life in its abundance

Tend your beautiful pond of radiant happiness

Until it becomes an ocean of life unified with all creation

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