The Ripple

No one knows where it started

The energy that made the heartbeat of the universe

The rhythm that pulses in every living thing

Things that breathe

Things that exist

Things that are beings of light and embodied stars

Things that are dark matter and matters of the dark


The consciousness called the divine

Is manifest in and through all things

Somehow experiencing and creating

Building and destroying

Ordering and reorganizing chaos

Until it sings with a mysterious harmony

Beyond one life’s comprehension


Not one life nor one millennia

Could possibly define

The mystery of life’s ongoing cycles


Yet even in one life we see

The memory of the universe is perfect

The haphazard randomness of our understanding

Is only due to a certain spiritual myopathy

We see unclearly

Not even from within our own sphere

To say nothing of the whole


Glimpses of purpose help us with our blindness

When the ripple of our life is united

With those whose ripples feel familiar to us

Through shared experiences

Through common hopes and dreams

Through similar fears and tragedies

And knowing through lifetimes

We will see them again and again and again

Until all is one

And the rough edges have all been smoothed

And forgiveness and balance has been restored


This is the majesty of the symphony

The sounds of the echoes of hundreds of lives lived

And hundreds yet to live

And in the darkness and the light

We seek the guiding star of love

Manifest through different voices of master teachers

Of prophets and gurus

And of friends and co-journeyers on the way


We play the notes that we have been given

In the part we play this time

Until all the parts have been played

And the curiosity of the divine within

Has become the life we lived with wild abandon

And cautious optimism

With complete trust

And raw faith

With humble gratitude

And awe-filled inspiration

Making the opus of our lives

One with the music of the spheres


A ripple that becomes a wave of love

A wave of love that becomes a fountain of hope

A fountain of hope that becomes a sea of grace

On the ocean of time that goes on toward infinity

2 thoughts on “The Ripple

  1. This is so beautiful… I glad your ripple came my way Love Cookie

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