Safe Harbor

A sea of faces

The ebb and flow had set

Before I entered the room


The drops of rain

Falling on the windows

Echoed the flow of tears

In my weary soul


Quietly navigating

Walking without direction

Yet with purposeful eye

Listening for God’s guidance


Where should I go?

Will they like me?

Who should I meet today?


The new girl in school

Has never been easy

Again I entered a new class

In the school of life


Looking around

I saw the tables gathering

The popular kids

The old gang

The unique ones

The power players

To none of these I belonged


A part of me wished

I could walk back out the door

A part of me wondered

If anyone would notice I was gone


So many new faces

In so many days

At first exciting

Now just overwhelming


I’m tired.


But also, determined.


So, forward I go

To see what today will bring


Out of the cacophony

One beautiful voice says

“Come and sit with me”


A small, significant act of kindness

Brings Dawn into my day

And with her smile

Somehow the light of God

Shines through


No longer a ship without a harbor

I hold anchor at this new port

With every word she speaks

I hear the voice of the Spirit

And I am thankful


The day passes

The other ships leave

Going back to their native ports

And we stay docked for just a while


Sharing stories

Holding hands in prayer

Speaking words that uplift and comfort

Precious memories being made in our midst


Bond of Spirit

Bond of Sisterhood

Bond of Friendship

Bond of Grace


Bonded for eternal life as one in the Body of Christ


Gratefulness once again

Finds my soul

In this moment

As the darkness fades into a beautiful Dawn

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