Joy to the World!


Pulsing heat and passion, my huge masculine energy dwarfs all other planets near.

I am confidence. I direct the dance of the moons. My harem of planetary wives draw near. Callisto, Ganymede, Io, Europa—my partners until the Sun shines no more.


            Drawing you in with my shy crescent figure, intoxicating with my essence, holding you in my spell, creating within something so sacred and so feminine, birthing wonder.

I am mystery and beauty. I create and nurture. I need no moon, no harem, no following. I am woman. My strength intimidates the lesser beings. Stable enough to hold my own space. I draw in all things to me. I co-create beauty in the universe.


The Beginning of the new age, I am here to give you healing and hope. The last time I arrived, the Son named Jesus was birthed on your planetary home.

I am the Star of Bethlehem. I am the beloved co-creation of the rendezvous of mother Venus and father Jupiter, meeting in the house of brother Regulus.

Feel my hope. Let it swell within your heart. I send my healing power to you, and more. Another birth is happening. Open your heart and let the creativity flow.

I am the Star of Bethlehem. I am the Star of New Beginnings of Transformational Hope for your world. Look up! Look up and know that I am real! Look up and be one with the dawn of the Alleluias. Joy to the world! Joy!

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