Life is but a dream

Her name means wisdom.  My six-year-old daughter, Sophia, lived true to her name tonight as she took time to explain to me some of the thoughts she had been pondering.

“Mom, you know this is all just a dream.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that everything that we experience in this life is just a dream,” she explained.

“Could you say a little more?” I wondered aloud.

“Yes.  I have been thinking about some things during my prayer time.  You see, all of us are really just asleep in heaven.  This is just a dream.  Most of the soul is still in heaven, but only a small part of the soul is actually here in the dream.  We are all dreaming together.  When we dream that we die, we wake up in heaven.  But the dream keeps going until we dream our deaths.  Like when Dixie (our dog) died, he really didn’t die.  He is still there in heaven.  When we wake up, he’ll be waiting for us.”

“Wow.  That’s deep, Sophia.  Do you have any more wisdom to impart this evening?”

“Yes.  Also, God is speaking to us all the time, only we don’t hear God’s voice in a way we really understand.”  She goes and pushes the voice on the plush red Elmo chair so that it is giggling at us both.  “It’s like that.  God’s voice is everywhere.  God’s voice is in your voice, in my voice, in everything.”

“Anything else?”

“We don’t see things as they really are.  All of the streets here aren’t real.  The only real streets are the gold streets in heaven.  All of this is not real.  It’s just air.  Some of the air is soft and some is hard.”  She touches a bendable paperback book.  “See, this one is softer air.”  She puts her hand on the oak desk.  “This air is harder.”  She smiled.  “But it’s still all just different forms of air.”

Immediately wondering whether my daughter had been studying quantum physics secretly behind my back, I began to ponder.  I didn’t ponder more than a couple of moments before she volunteered, “Now you need to go write all this down on your computer and put it online.  Then, show it to daddy.  Then, tell the church people and everyone else.  OK?”

I dare not stop the dream my daughter is creating.  So, I share this with you.

Enjoy the dream.  Listen to the voice of God in the laughter of all things around you.  Know that you are surrounded by the air of the breath of God, in its many forms.

Even my six year old knows these things.  May I also take time to remember.

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